So many people walk on by. A piece of paper on the ground-someone else will pick it up. Someone forgot their purse-oh it sucks to be them. Know the answer to that question-surely someone else does too. That person looks lost-bet someone will help them with directions.

And we walk on by. Why? Why do we walk on by? This is the exact mentality that keeps us from progress. If the idea of stopping to throw away a discarded piece of paper is too much–how will larger issues ever meet a solution? Oil spills. Economy. War. If we can’t be bothered, what will ever get done?

We must be bothered. We must pick up that piece of paper and throw it away. Be the one that turns that purse in to lost and found. Speak when you know the answer. Help those that cannot find their way. It’s simple. But that’s where it all starts. Walking by will get us nowhere.