Mood shifts cause shifts in music preference. Today-I am feeling very Metallica. Aggressive. Wishing I could pick a fight. Wanting things to change. Not knowing how. Tired of waiting for something that may not come. If I could blast Metallica full volume here at work, I would.

Hate feeling this way because I believe in karma. It’s bad karma that I am putting out there today. And I want good karma to come my way. There was hope yesterday. Today-I am in limbo. I don’t know whether to continue to hope or move on. Afraid to even put it in this blog entry that way if the opportunity passes, at least I am the only one that knows it passed.

What’s sad is I am not usually so down. But when a carrot of something you want is dangled in front of you-you want that damn carrot. This is where I find myself.

And the backdrop of all this feeling is Metallica¬†today. It’s the music I hear in my head. It’s what matches my mood. The positive spin on this-Metallica’s music has always gotten me through whatever funk I may be in. Just have to believe this will pass.