What you have will make me whole.

Complete. If I just had that, all would be right.

Your home. Your husband. Your family.

My home. My husband. My family. Pale in comparison.

Your job. Your friends. Your hobbies.

My job. My friends. My hobbies. Tame in comparison.

Lame when I look in the mirror.

Prized when I look at you.

Envy what you have, neglect what’s supporting me.

Bigger, better your life seems to be.

Small and meager mine seems to me.

Envious eyes look upon you now. Steal a gaze, a look, a spot of your light.

Submitted as part of Jingle’s Monday Potluck-Seven Deadly Sins theme

By the way, feel I should add that I am single, no childrenย and still looking to mingle. Just getting in to the spirit of this week’s theme, that’s all. ๐Ÿ™‚