It scares me… easily drama is built.

Negativity spouted.

Assumptions made.

Take from one to inflate another.

Spoiling for a fight rather than a solution.

Looking outward, never within. Easier. Safer.

Know a complete stranger based on superficial facts.

Look in the mirror–not know what you see.

Such a shallow existence.

Without substance.

Without presence.

Angers. Hurts. Saddens me.

There’s guilt in us all.

No one above it here.

Churning in my heart.

Pain in my mind.

Endless cycle, ferris wheel goes round.

Where will it stop.


Will it stop.

Hurts. Me.

Oh heart, spirit…oh spirit, heart.

Oh spirit of my heart rise through like a phoenix.

Dust off the ashes. Regain the fire.

Demand. Command.

Become the soul you want to be.

Embrace. Romance. Walk beside it.

Until you own it. Live. Be it.

Recognition provides hope’s potential.

Potential provides change, ashes to hope.


Submitted as part of Jingle’s Thursday Poets Rally Week 32