On hearts deep as a well’s wish…

Upon a star, a child’s want..

Cautiously nurtures our dreams..

..as the steam grows to whistle.

We move forward…

…to that child that is not our child.

Yet soon will be…

Flee doubts, no more pouts…

Tree that’s about to sprout family…

Take root…and grow..

Grow on the steam, dream, wish, heart’s well…

..child that is not yet our child.

Papers filed. Hopes piled.

This child will be our child.

Finally. Tightrope walked.

Talked. Talked. Talked about it.

Become ours. Now is the time.

 Child without parents–no more.

These hearts will never part–known here from the start.


Inspired by a co-worker and his wife’s foster children as they go through the adoption process.


Submitted as part of One Stop Poetry’s One Shot Wednesday