Thoughts Not Lost



For the Soul…

This one’s for the soul.

A deep breath.

A deserved break.

Time out! Thoughts that will not quiet.

So loud. So proud.

For the soul…

I’ll wage that battle.

Mind kept here. 

The future calls, though the past does laugh.

Bullies unwelcome. Setting free.

This one’s for the soul that I want to be.


Belief is…

a loaded word.

an interpretative word.

a farce.

a truth.





Belief is….everything.

Do Over aka Reset

Shoved in to change

Forced to rearrange.

Thoughts settle…

Folks meddle.


In your heart, the truth is there…

waiting for the mind to follow.

Do over.



The time is now.

Channel the Next

Forced to transition..long past due.

Set adrift, a puzzle–complex and new.

Gone, the familiar. Mind a blur.

Fear tries to hide. Panic wails. Desire wants to outline wrongs. 

And hate wants to show them all…

…But…Love…Love is in awe, kind words by ones true.

…a deep breath, a step forward…then two

….channelling what comes next.


Against the threads of time, I move.

Caught in some…
…broke free of others.

Some threads I weave…others I neglect.

It all comes back to me against time.

Gravity’s Side Effect

Pressing down, closing in.

Gravity, damn you, again.

Keeps my spirit confined…

when I want to fly.

One day, I’ll defy and never look back.

Unknown Future

What if…

..the unknown wasn’t sinister.

But beautiful and mysterious.

A curious wonder to be explored. Not feared.

Embraced. Not shoved.

It is odd, but not to be hated.

Wondered about, but not feared.

Engaged not enraged.

Seen and spoken to.

The unknown becomes known in a heartbeat.



Hold on.

That truth on the verge.

Reality looks in…

…and smirks.

Time’s up.

If We Don’t…

If we don’t stand up, how can we comfortably sit down?

Without work, how can we rest?

In the absence of fear, how can we dream with hope?

One without the other.

Balance rather than tipping.

Choice without compass.

Navigating life.

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