Thoughts Not Lost

The Weathering

The weathering of time

as is slowly eats away…

all that I’ve known, but not what I will know.

Don’t Go

Stay with me a moment longer.
My companion, my constant.
Me without you, is a stranger.
And there’s too much strange in this world.
So, stay, just a moment longer.

Second’s Rest

I once saw what I wanted to believe.
Convinced I saw what truly was.
No one tell a different tale-
this is freeing, a light breeze through my soul.
False as it may be, in this moment, it is reality-leave me be.
Don’t crash land.
Don’t go away.
For this second, I believe.

True in Step

I don’t know much.
This path I’m on.
But I know, here I walk.
One step.
Two steps.
May I be sure.
May I be true.

Forever To Now

Forever leans to now.
Now that I am here.
Staring at my infinity.
Thumbing my nose…
Looking toward-
now is forever.
Denial runs in my blood.

Unknown Beginning

I didn’t know what I thought I did,
so time stood still.
Grinding under newfound wisdom,
Aware yet denying,
until recognition rears its ugly head.
In the light of a new dawn-
uncertain and afraid.
One step forward, unknown.


Trippin’ on the paper cut you left on my heart.
Some wounds never scar.
Trippin’ on myself, me without you.


In a turn, it changes–

burns away, world no longer looks same

scary frayed … a rebirth of destruction.

Seems to be…


They Don’t Know

Unaware they shouldn’t laugh…



Innocent in soul, purest of us all.

Basic are their needs.

Grow. Thrive. Reward.

Educators they are…

..they don’t know.

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